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About me and the Ashtanga Breakfast Club

Name: Michael Baidoo

Instagram Handle: @Ashtanga_Breakfast_Club & @Bay_Jitsu

The Ashtanga Breakfast Club began during the Covid pandemic of May 2020 as initially an accountability system created to motivate and support practitioners from around the world to connect with other practitioners and learn more about the practice of Ashtanga Yoga,

During lockdown, Instagram was the best source for connecting with others and there was the inability to practice yoga or compete in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Starting our morning schedule at 5 a.m., we incorporated the practice of Ashtanga as a daily routine. The practice further built itself to network and build a community using the social media platform.

Creating accountability teams and safe spaces for Ashtanga yoga practitioners, empowered others to continue their yoga practice. This experience provided the tools to plan a strategic way to not only harmonize yoga but to encourage the practice for everyone.

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